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Hey guys, I just decided to start writing blogs. It will be something like my diary or stuff. Nobody has to read it if he doesn't want to. It's about me, my life and my feelings. So I guess this will be my first entry and I have no idea how to start but I hope it works. Right I got one of these depressive moments every teenager knows. Bad feeling, but I guess it helps to write it down. I tried to write 'normal' diary. Thera are just tooo many thoughts and my hand starts to hurt after writing all this stuff down. This here is an easier solution so I'm gonna try. A few minutes ago I was about to go train a bit... Doesn't work I don't wanna go alone and none of my friends got time. So I have to do a few squats or push ups or something but I'm feeling bad right now. Guess I'm sick. And noope this is not my topic I wanted to talk about one of my best friends.. Let's call him Jake. He fell in love with another friend and she loves him too. He promised not to forget about me but he do. And they aren't even together. I tried to talk to both of them (I'll call her Maya) but they want to move slowly... Seriously everyone knows about them and it is so annoying. When I see them together at school they got this romantic moments. I just laugh at them because I don't know how to handle in this situation. And all my other friends decided to tell me like everything about them. Where they are, what they do and their opinion about this relationship. I'm not interested in all this stuff. I'm Jakes best friend and he promised, but he can't hold it and this makes me sad. It's the only thing matters for me now. He did not even say hello when he saw me. It ruins everything and nobody cares. But how can they? People are blind. They don't see what I see. It's hard to understand how I can always see this weird things and nobody else notices. Maybe I will get it one day. But untill this time, I'm not gonna run after Jake. It's not my thing to chase his friedship. I can't trust anyone. This is a bad life. A bad mood. And if you fuys read all this stuff, wow great you're the only one is interested in my life. Thanks for reading all this, but you don't have to, I'm just in a bad mood today. Hope you have a nice day guys:*

2.2.16 19:25

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