Honest Minds

Okayy seriousely I care about everyones feelings and thoughts about me. Even about yours, and I don´t even know you. So maybe someone will comment me their opinion. And if anyone wants to know other things about me, don´t be shy, just ask me an I promise you to answer honestly. One thing you should know about me is, that I love english...I know it is obvious but seriously I love this language. So I decided to write everything in english. Otherwise I understand german and polish too. You can comment in each of this languages. It will be intresting for me to know if there are any other polish people round. And do any of you love a language s much as I love english? Just let me know, guys and sorry if I annoy you. I don´t mean to be bad I´ll be happy to hear from you :*

2.2.16 20:36

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